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Final post on Rock ‘N’ Rattle

Final post on Rock ‘N’ Rattle

It is with excitement and sadness that I write my final blog post on Rock ‘N’ Rattle.

Excitement for the new writing projects I have on the horizon, but sadness that I am officially ending the chronicles of my early child-rearing years with you. I will miss the insights and interactions of my readers, who have laughed and commiserated with me, who inspired and kept my spirits high for the past three years.

– Thank you –

Thank you for reading. For your comments, likes and suggestions. Thank you for sharing my stories with your friends and family, and for posting your own.

I launched Rock ‘N’ Rattle in 2015 while I was pregnant with my son Jack. It began as a creative outlet and a way to continue writing while on maternity leave. I never expected it to grow into so much more.

Shortly after Rock ‘N’ Rattle was born, it was voted as one of Vancouver Mom’s top blogs, and I am very appreciative of the community and opportunities Vancouver Mom has generously given me thereafter.

Although it feels like more, I wrote a total of 145 posts on Rock ‘N’ Rattle. Some of these gained traction and were published on other parenting sites, some even led to new writing opportunities outside of the blogsphere.

As equally rewarding, I gained a few friends along the way. Other parents hurdling at warp speed through this crazy adventure called parenting. I hope these friendships will continue until our kids are grown, and for many years after. One of the most valuable things I found in the parent blogging community has been the comfort in knowing that I’m not the only one who has accidentally washed a diaper or put their kids’ shoes on the wrong feet.

So what’s ahead?

As many parents know, time is precious. There are only so many hours (if we’re lucky) during the week that we get to spend doing things for ourselves.

Unfortunately (and fortunately)  some new freelance writing projects are taking place in the new year. Balancing these, my two children, and some other projects I have in mind, make it impossible to put the time in for quality posts on Rock ‘N’ Rattle.

A Book

A few months ago I was thrilled to hear back from a publisher interested in my children’s book Soooo Hungry – a cheeky and entertaining story about a little girl on the hunt for her favourite double chocolate, super fudgy, extra chewy, peanut butter cookies.

Although the book is still in the discussion phase, I have since began work on a second, and I look forward to seeing these through to publication – fingers crossed.

And while I won’t be posting on Rock ‘N’ Rattle any longer, I’ll be hanging around on Twitter (@AngelaRwriter) and Facebook, and plan to contribute to other sites and magazines when the opportunity strikes.

Most of all, I hope to hear from you again.

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