DIY 3-ingredient slime

DIY 3-ingredient slime

My two-year-old son has been begging me to make him slime ever since he broke free from my arms and grabbed his first fist-full at his sister’s preschool. I was reluctant at first, picturing my couch and carpet splattered with sticky goo, but I relented because he seemed to love it so much.

My daughter’s preschool teacher mentioned that she used liquid starch, an ingredient near impossible to find here in Canada, so I searched the internet for another recipe. I wanted a recipe that was easy and called for ingredients I could find around the house — bingo.

I came across Meghan Splawn’s recipe on The Kitchn.

What I love the most about this recipe, is that the slime moves, but is not the type to linger on your finger. It’s easy to clean up, doesn’t stain clothes and lasts a few weeks (if properly stored).


Here’s what you’ll need for a cup of slime (enough for two little hands). We stayed pretty true to the original recipe with some slight variations.

  • (8-ounce) bottle of washable white school glue (we used Elmer’s and found bigger bottles at the dollar store)
  • 10 drops of food colouring (optional). The more food colouring, the more vibrant goo colour.
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 2 tablespoons saline solution (I used my contact solution)


  1. Pour the glue into a medium-sized bowl (not to worry, it will wash out later)
  2. Add food colouring and stir
  3. Add the baking soda and saline solution and stir some more
  4. Knead slime for a minute — enjoy!

A few things you can add:

Slime is pretty awesome on its own, but here are a few things you can add to it to make it even better.

  • Sparkles (1/4 cup for the recipe above)
  • Googly eyes (for good monsters)
  • Larger confetti sparkles (stars, pumpkins, hearts) for special themes
  • Hidden treasures
  • Rainbow sprinkles (because why not)
  • Bits of foam for more of a crunchy feel

Slime is great for sensory play, and it also makes for great birthday party favours if you’re on a budget. Happy crafting!

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