Basic Invite: customizable stationary with a competitive edge

Basic Invite: customizable stationary with a competitive edge

I spent hours combing through Pinterest when planning my children’s first birthday parties. I decided on a theme, I picked out colours, you would have thought I was planning my wedding all over again.

I chose printed invitations because I wanted our family and friends to have a keepsake of the special day, something they could put on their fridge, and something I could include in their baby books.

After hours of searching multiple online stationary sites, I couldn’t find any invitations to suit my theme or the colours I had planned for their parties. One website would have a design I liked, but not the colours. The other would have the theme, but again, not the colours. It was frustrating, and I felt that if I was spending the money on printed invitations, I should get what I want.

Enter Basic Invite – a truly customizable online stationary store.


180+ Colour Options 

I was thrilled when I was invited to try out Basic Invite’s website and order some samples. Finally, a stationary store that had everything I wanted all in one place, including an enormous colour palette with more than 180 colours to choose from.

I selected my designs and up popped my colour options. I was able to change the colour of every element on the card: the text, the background, the images. It felt like I was designing my own card from scratch, and I was able to preview it as I went along.



Being able to order samples ahead of time could have saved me a lot of money in the past. Since I’m not an expert on paper finishes, when I received my son’s birthday invitations from an online site, the paper was slightly textured, which skewed his photo, and it was too late to order new invitations.

With Basic invite, you can see exactly how it will print, as well as the paper quality before ever placing the final order – a great idea if you’re ordering hundreds for a big event like a wedding.

Here’s a few I ordered, customizing the colours to my own taste. I was even able to apply a filter to the photo on my holiday card.


And as we know, first impressions are everything. After creating an awesomely designed invitation to your special occasion, you don’t want to just send it off in a plain white envelope. Basic Design offers 40 different colours so you can make your invitations pop before they’re even opened.

Make it one-of-a-kind

What I love the most about Basic Invite, is that you can create a truly unique invitation or announcement, whether its for a new baby upcoming brunch or barbecue, a children’s birthday party, or Bar Mitzvah . And by unique, I mean one-of-a-kind. Basic Invite offers a ton of customer colours, but they also offer foil, wood and clear invitation options. Now, who wouldn’t be happy to hang a truly unique card like that on their fridge?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written in conjunction with Basic Invite. All opinions expressed on this blog are entirely my own.

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