5 ways to wind your kids down from summer vacation

5 ways to wind your kids down from summer vacation

There’s a funny thing that happens when summer hits. Our kids’ bedtimes slip later and later into the night, bath time is replaced by a few laps around the kiddie pool, and measuring sugar intake, well, that just doesn’t happen, does it?

Is it any wonder that when late August rears its ugly head, we as parents pull out our hair, drop to our knees and scream “WHAT HAVE I DONE!” Well rest assured, there are a few things we can do to get our children back on track for school.


Tackle the bedroom

Take some time to pack away the summer outfits with your kids. Purging and cleaning their room together can help teach responsibility, no matter the age. The organizational skills they learn will also help them succeed in school.

For some additional assistance, check out this cute printable bedroom cleaning checklist from Early Bird Mom.

Sit down for dinner

Families are always on the go during summer break. Sometimes we’re scarfing down hot dogs at a backyard barbecue, or grabbing take-out on long road trips. Sitting down to the table for dinner during the last few weeks of summer can help get the whole family back into a routine.


Cook together

Spending time with your kids in the kitchen is a great way to get them back on the learning track. In fact, kids learn a lot in the kitchen: responsibility, science and math skills, even spelling. My daughter loves to help with recipes, and at the young age of three, cooking is teaching her about nutrition and boosting her confidence. She can also help me prep her school lunches.

Head to the library

Taking a trip to the library is a great way to brush up on literacy skills. Whether you’re signing out new bedtime stories or their first chapter book, libraries can play an essential role in creating lifelong readers. And what a thrill it is for a child to get their very own library card as they head into a new school year!


Build a bedtime routine

Easier said than done, right? For the last two months, our daughter has been scooting around the neighbourhood on her bike, well past her bedtime. Bringing her inside to bed each night has been … a challenge. We’ve eased her into the transition by staying indoors every other night this week for calmer family activities like colouring or playing games.

If you have any tips you’d like to share, please post them in the comments below, I would love to share them!

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