The moment you decided to try for a baby

The moment you decided to try for a baby

Do you remember it? The moment you decided to finally start trying?

Maybe it came to you one day as you fawned over a newborn, their tiny fingers wrapped around yours, confirming your parenthood destiny. You rushed home to your partner, closed the shades and threw on some Barry White.

Of course, when it comes to having kids, sometimes planning isn’t part of it, and sometimes the unexpected can be a gift. You can avoid all the nail biting, the what-ifs. But for some of us, it required planning.

I’ll admit, it took a few years for me to make the big decision of whether or not to have children in the first place. After that, came the big leap. I had to jump in with both feet and never look back. I had no maternal instincts or experience with children. There were no other kids in our family. I was terrified.

I think my moment came a year after we got our fur baby, a now 100-pound black lab who is currently third in line (not recommended as a warm up for a baby).

My husband and I went to work every day, we came home exhausted and watched our favourite television programs. Then the next day we would go to work, come home exhausted and watch our favourite television programs. Repeat. I thought if I was going to be exhausted, it should be for something great. It felt like something was missing in our lives.

Of course today, if you catch me crawling around under the table at a restaurant to retrieve an elusive Shopkins, or cleaning my toddler’s yogurt masterpiece off the coffee table, I may in fact strongly support your decision on a fur baby.

So what was your moment? I’d love to hear it. Post your comments here.


2 thoughts on “The moment you decided to try for a baby”

  • I can’t believe your lab is 100 lbs, wow! Our black lab is 60lbs. Unfortunately, it took us a while to have our first child. Even when we knew it was time to try it took a while to conceive our first. We did finally and naturally. We knew immediately after our first we wanted to try for another when our first turned 1…well, secondary infertility knocked on our door and God had other plans. 4 failed IUI’s later and 1 successful IVF later, we were blessed with our second and we now have a 5 year old girl and 8 month old girl!

    • He wasn’t supposed to get that big but we love him just the same. It took us a while to have our first as well, and unfortunately it ended in a miscarriage. It’s hard once you finally commit to trying and it doesn’t really go as planned. At least we can feel lucky now 🙂 thanks for commenting!

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