Wedding activity bags for kids

Wedding activity bags for kids

Wedding season is in full swing, which means invited parents with kids in tow will be stuffing their diaper bags full of distractions to avoid a mid-ceremony meltdown.

Brides are also jumping on the popular trend of handing out activity bags or “busy bags” on their big day for added entertainment and to help parents cope with overexcited kids.

Busy bags can contain just about anything imaginable, but there’s a few things to consider, such as the age of the children, type of wedding and of course, the budget.

I had the pleasure of putting together a few busy bags for my sister-in-law’s wedding this past weekend. Here’s a few tips that helped me out.


Age group

For this wedding, all of the kids receiving a busy bag were under the age of five. I included:

  • finger puppets
  • a small colouring book
  • a set of crayons
  • bubbles
  • a slap bracelet
  • paper Minion mask

I tried to avoid items that small children could choke on, as well as items that would make a mess (play dough, paints, felt pens, etc.) and noise makers that could interrupt an important speech.


Tip: If you’re a bride with a budget, you can cut costs by buying a big box of Crayons and splitting it amongst all of the bags. Tying them together with a ribbon is always a nice touch. You can also skip the colouring book and print a few personalized colouring sheets instead. For this wedding, I added the bride and groom’s name as well.

tta3646_fish_food_water_arcade_game_01__60054-224x332Kids ages 5+

Forget the fidget spinners and toss in a blast from the past. These mini water arcade games are always a hit, even with the adults, and they’re surprisingly affordable. The average price is between $5-$7 on Amazon, and a quick Google search turned up a few for as low as $3.

Another great item to include for ages five and up are small jig saw puzzles, which you can find in party supply stores like Party City and your local dollar store.



Last but not least, what to stuff all those goodies in. I chose simple but decorative bags matching the wedding theme. Another route, and yet another activity for the kids, would be to use white/blank bags that the kids can decorate.

There you have it! If you have any ideas for wedding activity bags, post them in the comments below, I would love to hear them.

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