DIY sticky Halloween bathtub set

DIY sticky Halloween bathtub set


Last week, Kids’ CBC reposted this sticky jack-o-lantern bathtub set idea on Facebook – originally posted by Jen Kossowan from MAMA.PAPA.BUBBA, and we just had to try it out.

Layla (3) and Jack (16 months) get bored of the same old bathtub toys, so we thought this was a fantastic way to change things up. It was a HUGE hit. Both of them loved making the pumpkin faces and finding the additional spooky characters we hid in the tub.

All you need are a few sheets of coloured foam, some scissors and your imagination. And there you have it – a super easy, no mess, fun project for all ages.

I can definitely see us adding more holiday themes into our bath-time routine throughout the year.

For full instructions, check out the original post here.


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