What’s on your baby’s cheeks? Diapers & your baby’s health

What’s on your baby’s cheeks? Diapers & your baby’s health


As parents, when we’re at the grocery store, we usually flip over food packages to read the ingredients and nutritional facts on the back. We want to know what we’re feeding our babies.

Does the same apply for the diapers we put on them?

I have to admit, before switching to cloth diapers from the Happy Baby Cheeks Diaper Service, I never looked at the ingredients on a disposable diaper box. The funny thing is, I wouldn’t have found much.

That’s because diaper companies are not obligated by law to disclose what exactly is in their diapers. I recently took a look at a Pampers box, and here’s what I found:



  • Petrolatum (a substance much like Vaseline)
  • Stearyl Alcohol
  • Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract (“to keep baby’s skin soft”)

That’s it. What they skip over are ingredients that all disposable diapers contain like plastics, adhesives, glues, elastics and other lubricants.

I also found a warning on the box.

“If you notice gel-like material on your baby’s skin, don’t be alarmed. This comes from the diaper padding and can be easily removed by wiping your baby’s skin with a soft, dry cloth.”

I find this a tad alarming considering we all know that baby cheeks are pretty sensitive. In fact, a 2010 CBC News article mentioned two lawsuits filed by parents in the U.S., claiming that a diaper company’s disposables were the cause of severe chemical burns on their babies. A Facebook page soon followed with other parents making similar statements.

With costs of disposables and cloth diaper services comparable, it comes down to peace of mind. At least for myself. Happy Baby Cheeks uses phosphate free, CFIA approved detergents that are environmentally friendly and safe for baby’s skin.

With all the other things I have going on during my day raising two toddlers, I’m happy not having to worry about their health when it comes to their diapers.


If you’re interested in using the Vancouver-based Happy Baby Cheeks Diaper Service, check out their new website here, or my previous posts about their service.

Disclaimer: diaper service courtesy of Happy Baby Cheeks Cloth Diaper Service. Opinions expressed on this blog are entirely my own.

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