Top 5 FREE radio apps for kids

Top 5 FREE radio apps for kids


As much as I love rocking out to Metallica on the way to the grocery store, sometimes it’s nice to give the kids a little radio play too. Here are my top 5 radio apps for kids:

1470899553034Funky Kids Radio – An Australian radio station playing a variety of international artists. I love this app because it’s simple to use when you’re in a rush. Just hit the play button and you have a 24/7 live stream of songs and stories to listen to in your car through your bluetooth, on your computer or smartphone. And not to worry, they play bands adults can enjoy too, like the Black Eyed Peas and Foo Fighters.

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Chameleon: Kids Songs Music Radio

Playing a ton of your favourite singalong songs and classics from award winning artists like Charlotte Diamond, the Chameleon app is perfect for your 0 to 12’s.  It also comes with a few cool features too, like a locking screen for baby, song sharing, and some colourful characters to move around and play with on the screen.

Note: this says it costs $0.99, but I downloaded it for free when searching in the App Store.


Children’s Songs – Fun Kid Music Streaming

A simple and sweet app for the littlest of hands. Easy, breezy nursery rhymes streaming from Youtube. While it’s not exactly a “radio” app, it’s easy-to-use, interactive map won me over. Swipe to the left for a slower bedtime lullaby, or right for upbeat dance songs.


Sorcerer Radio: Disney

Attention Disney fans big and small, this radio app is perfect for playtime relaxation and bedtime bliss. You’ll hear Disney classics like When you wish upon a star, and enjoy rotating Disney artwork. A great app for baby and parent to enjoy together. Best of all, there’s a timer, perfect for putting your little one to sleep at night.


Jango Radio Mobile

For your 12 and ups, Jango is an app you can share with your tweens. Listen to old favourites, or attempt trendiness through new hits. There’s a playlist for lounging, dinners, driving and just chilling out – just about everything. The best part? no ads, no interruptions and your tunes continue to play, even when your phone locks.

Have any music apps you share with  your kids? I’d love to hear about them.

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