Camping with cloth diapers

Camping with cloth diapers


We all know that overwhelming feeling of getting home after a camping trip with the kids. There’s piles of laundry to unpack and wash, showers to take and groceries to replenish. Oh, and don’t forget, a few irritable kids to get back on a schedule with. The last thing a parent wants to deal with is a pile of dirty cloth diapers.

Lucky for me, I use the Happy Baby Cheeks Cloth Diaper Service, so I can just thrown the stinky wet bag on the porch and Happy Baby Cheeks takes care of the rest. It’s just one of the perks of using their diaper service. They’re also helpful in helping plan for a big trip.


In addition to providing extra wet bags (free of charge), Happy Baby Cheeks also offers a cloth wipe service for an additional $5.60 a week for up to 100 wipes. These are more absorbent that disposable wipes, easy to pack, and eliminate unnecessary garbage.

Don’t forget a small squirt bottle to wet your cloth wipes with, or wet them ahead of time and pack them in a plastic, reusable container.


We packed our Happy Baby Cheek cloth diapers in a plastic tote. After emptying the tote, we used it to store the wet bag with the dirty diapers in, which concealed the smell, keeping curious animals at bay.

I had the luxury of bringing the Happy Baby Premium diapers on our trip. They are super easy to use, but if you’re tight on space, their pre-fold diapers are the way to go.


There are a few benefits to camping with cloth diapers. They make for an excellent, spontainious swimsuit on the beach, they are super comfortable for little movers, and of course, the best benefit of all – they’re reusable. So if you run out, you can wash a few.

I actually had to wash a few on our trip, but since I use the Happy Baby Cheeks diaper service, I know that the diapers will be washed again professionally, using environmentally friendly detergents.

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Disclaimer: diaper service courtesy of Happy Baby Cheeks Cloth Diaper Service. Opinions expressed on this blog are entirely my own.

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