Baby-friendly shopping centres

Baby-friendly shopping centres
Coquitlam Centre Parent Room

Shopping with baby in tow is at the very least, unpredictable. Check out these baby-friendly shopping centres in Metro Vancouver that go beyond the expanded dressing room to make your shopping experience more manageable.

Oakridge Centre

This place has it all. Special parking spots reserved for parents with children near its entrances, a giant play area for baby to roam around in, and a parent room located in the West Galleria with plenty of stroller room, a change area and a cushy couch.

650 W 41st Ave, Vancouver

Coquitlam Centre 

This mall has the Ritz Carlton of parent rooms. So VIP that you actually have to get buzzed in. High chairs, a microwave, private breastfeeding stations, a TV area, and change tables are just a few of its perks. It’s situated on the first floor right next to the play area, which is also baby-friendly.

2929 Barnet Hwy, Coquitlam

CF Pacific Centre Mall

If you planned to run into the mall for just one thing, but find yourself on the receiving end of unexpected shopping spree, Guest Services has your back. They’re happy to loan you a stroller for your stay. You can also find a quiet haven and a few comfy chairs in the nursing lounge just inside the women’s washroom on the ground level.

701 W Georgia St, Vancouver

Granville Island Public Market 

Whether you need to change an explosive diaper or feed a hungry baby, don’t sweat the traffic at this bustling market. The Kids Market, Net Loft and Public Market all have baby change facilities with plenty of stroller room. If you’re in need of a stroller, head to the Kids Market administration office on the second level for a rental.

1661 Duranleau St, Vancouver

Do you know of any kid-friendly places to shop? I’d love to hear about them.

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