Buying cloth diapers verses using a service

Buying cloth diapers verses using a service


We’ve been using cloth diapers for the past four months through the Happy Baby Cheeks Cloth Diaper Service.

Each week their adorable, brightly coloured van pulls up to our house and drops off a bag of clean cloth diapers, cloth wipes and extra absorbent inserts for my son Jack.

I’ve often wondered what the pros and cons of buying and washing your own set of cloth diapers are, verses using a service like Happy Baby Cheeks. To me, the service seems affordable and much less arduous.

If you’re on the fence, here are a few details to consider.


Jack uses up to 60 cloth diapers per week, but not always. What’s great about using the Happy Baby Cheeks’ service, is that they deliver as many or as little of their cloth diapers as you need each week. You pay for the service.

For their premium diaper package, it’s $27.37/per week ($22.33 for the pre-fold diapers). That’s clean diapers dropped at your door once a week.

The upfront cost of purchasing your own cloth diapers can be expensive. Especially when you need to buy a diaper pail, covers, wet bags, inserts and wipes. Cloth diaper forums recommend you have at least 15-24 diapers on hand. That alone can cost $400 depending on the type and company you buy them from.

  • Pre-fold diaper service from Happy Cheeks for 26 weeks = $564.20 – that’s six and a half months of diaper service, and includes four diaper cover rentals.

If you buy your own cloth diapers, there’s also the added stress of not knowing whether they will fit properly or provide enough absorbency.



I’ve had a lot of moms ask me if the cloth diapers I receive are in fact clean. It’s hard to imagine someone staying in business if they weren’t. I have absolutely no qualms about the cleanliness of the diapers I receive from Happy Baby Cheeks. In fact, I like the fact that they’re washed in commercial grade equipment with CFIA approved detergents. I feel like this ensures they’re clean.

If you do decide to purchase your own cloth diapers, and you just want to give them that additional cleaning, Happy Baby Cheeks also offers a stripping service for $60-$75 to eliminate any buildup on your diapers.


If you’re totally green as to how to wash a cloth diaper, Baby Center recommends these steps:

  • Prepare dirty diapers for washing by soaking first.
  • Use detergent free of fragrances, enzymes and other additives, such as whitening and brightening ingredients.
  • Use bleach when fighting an infection, such as a yeast diaper rash, but don’t rely on it regularly.
  • Eliminate door by adding a little baking soda (about half a cup per load) to the wash.
  • For detergent buildup  on the diapers, or other washing problems (not getting clean), you may have to experiment with the type of detergent you’re using.
  • Don’t overload the washing machine or the diapers may not clean.
  • For water temperature, consult the washing instructions for your particular diapers. Cotton diapers should be washed in hot water, but some diaper covers and diapers with a waterproof outer cover may deteriorate in very hot water.
  • Start with a cold pre-wash cycle, then a regular wash in hot water (unless your directions say otherwise). Follow with a rinse.

This just seems like a huge hassle. Me personally? I’d  rather leave it to the pros.

Additional products 

When you buy your own cloth diapers, there’s also a lot of extra costs to consider. The diaper covers, pail, inserts, laundry detergent, just to name a few, and of course the added cost for each additional laundry load.

What I like about Happy Baby Cheeks, is that they have all of these products on hand, and if you happen to need something, they gladly drop them off with your diapers that week. If you need an extra wet bag because you’re going out of town – done. They’ve also been using these products for years, so you know they’ll work.

For more information about the Happy Baby Cheeks service, check out their website, or  my previous posts here:

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Disclaimer: diaper service courtesy of Happy Baby Cheeks Cloth Diaper Service. Opinions expressed on this blog are entirely my own.

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