Answers to your questions about cloth diaper service

Answers to your questions about cloth diaper service

IMG_8612Just look at those happy little cheeks.

Well, I’m on the third week of a six-week free trial of the Happy Baby Cheeks Cloth Diaper Service, and I can’t help but think that this service would be the ultimate baby shower gift.

A lot of parents consider using cloth diapers while expecting a baby, why not give them the gift of trying them out for a few months? The best part is, they won’t feel overwhelmed by having to scrub poopy diapers at the end of day. Happy Baby Cheeks will do the dirty work for them. Plus, they won’t have to invest in a bunch of cloth diapers before deciding whether they like it or not.

Throughout the last few weeks I’ve had friends, family members, neighbours and new parents ask me what the service is like and how the switch from disposables is going. Here are the answers to some of the most popular questions I’ve had:

How does the service work?

It’s simple. Happy Baby Cheeks drops the clean diapers at the door in complete stealth mode so as not to wake your napping babies. Store them as you would your disposables. Line the pail with one of the laundry bags they supply and you’re ready to rock. On pick up day, just leave your bags of dirty diapers by the door. Happy Cheeks also sends you a reminder email the night before pick up. If you need any additional diapers, or you need to reduce the amount you get, just let them know in the email.

How much does a cloth diaper service cost?

Not as much as you might think. It depends on what type of diapers you want to rent. Happy Baby Cheeks has a ton of options and packages to choose from, such as premium diapers (the ones with the snaps, which I’m using), pre-fold (usually for the semi-experienced parents). If you opt for a pre-payment plan, you’ll save a bit. There’s also a possibly to receive free service through their awesome referral program. I talk about this in my previous post, which you can read here.

Are cloth diapers hard to use?

For me they were at first, but probably because my son wrestles me every time I change him. Every…single…time. I believe I put the first one on inside out and said to my husband, “do we even need to put the cover thing on?” Oh, Angela. Were you in for a treat. The answer is no, you get used to them just like disposables.

Happy Baby Cheeks diaper pail

Do cloth diapers stink?

Yes. They totally stink. To off-set the smell, I’m using the pail offered by Happy Cheeks (see picture). It comes with a charcoal filter and you can line it with the laundry bag the diapers come in. So far, no complaints from the husband or the kids. The only time I get a whiff, is when I take the lid off to dump more in.

Where in Metro Vancouver does Happy Cheeks deliver?

All over. I was surprised to find out that their service reaches as far as Mission! Check out the full list of areas they service here.

Will Happy Cheeks clean the cloth diapers you already use?

You bet. They offer a stripping service for people who clean their own cloth diapers at home. Stripping means that they remove the nasty soap, hard water and poop build up on cloth diapers. Yup, I’m officially glad I’m not cleaning my own.

Happy Cheeks will “strip” the diapers in their industrial machines, which disinfect cloth diapers significantly better than household washing machines. Price ranges from $60 – $75. Details here.

How clean are the diapers you get from the service? Are they stained?

I have yet to find a stain on the diapers Happy Cheeks provide, and I probably won’t considering the cleaning process they go through. You can rest easy too, knowing that all the detergents they use are environmentally friendly and safe for baby’s skin.

How often do you have to change cloth diapers?

A lot more than disposables I find, but that’s to be expected. With cloth you’re going back to the basics right? This might sound strange, but I’m happy to change a wet cloth diaper. I feel like I’m doing something great of the planet and for my family. Cloth is a little more work, but it’s a win-win for everyone in the end. The inserts that Happy Cheeks can provide also cuts down on the amount of changes during the night and when you’re travelling around.

What don’t you like about cloth diapers?

They are a tad bit bulky. It makes Jack’s bum look cute, but I have a hard time getting on some of the pants he wears.

What do you do with the poo?

Plop it in the toilet. I don’t know why, but this is a question I get a lot. As a parent, I’ve already done a ton of disgusting things for my kids that I guess this one doesn’t bother me. Also, did you know that you’re supposed to do the same with disposable diapers? Next time you’re at the store, check out the instructions on the box. It makes sense, considering all that yuck ends up in the landfill and could potentially spread bacteria and disease.

IMG_8617If you have more questions, feel free to post them here and I will get back to you with my answers.

If this review helped you decide to sign up, please let Happy Baby Cheeks know that Angela from Rock ‘n’ Rattle sent you. Sign up for Happy Cheeks today.

Keep your eye on my blog over the next few weeks for updates on our six-week free trial from the Happy Baby Cheeks Cloth Diaper Delivery Service. I’ll be getting into more details about the service and our experience using cloth. You can also read my previous post on the Happy Baby Cheek Diaper Service here.

Disclaimer: diaper service courtesy of Happy Baby Cheeks Cloth Diaper Service. Opinions expressed on this blog are entirely my own.

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