A unique gift for that special little someone

A unique gift for that special little someone

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When it comes to gift giving, I get personal. I want to give someone a gift they’ll talk about and keep for years to come. The Lostmy.name book for children hits the mark.

Inside each individual book is an enchanting tale based on the letters of the child’s name you’ve ordered it for. 

The magical adventure begins with a little girl or boy (your choice), who has woken up to find their name has disappeared. They head off on a captivating quest, running into a few charming characters along the way. Each give the little boy or girl a letter to help them find their name.

When my two-year-old daughter Layla and I sat down to read her book, I was completely enthralled in the story as much as she was. Especially the part where the little girl comes across an angel who just wants to rock – how fitting!

Besides playing records for Layla, I love nothing more than to read to her. I’m thrilled to have this special book, just for her. A book that will stay on her shelf for years to come. I can hardly wait to sit down with my son Jack, and see what kind of adventure he’s in store for. 

In addition to the Lostmy.name books being a completely one-of-a-kind gift, they are also very easy to order, and ship completely free to more than 130 countries! If you do happen to run into a snag while ordering, not a problem. They have staff on standby 24/7 to help you out. 


For the holiday season, they’ve even added a handy tool on their website to ensure your magical book is received in time for your special little someone. 

Here’s how to order.


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