What happened to our favourite children’s entertainers?

What happened to our favourite children’s entertainers?

entertainersI am a pizza, I am a pizza, with extra cheese, with extra cheese. If you’re my age (censored), you probably remember singing along to this tune as a kid. Or maybe you remember that hippy guy, who crawled out of the log with his guitar to sing songs with the Word Bird.

What happened to these famous children’s entertainers? Are they still out there, cranking out catchy tracks to bop along to? Are they on TV anymore? I decided to investigate.

Charlotte Diamond

Who could forget songs like Four Hugs a Day and La Bamba? I must have gone to at least a dozen Charlotte Diamond concerts as a kid, and played her tapes (that’s right…tapes) until they caught on fire. Well, she’s still rockin’ around. In fact, she lives in Richmond, British Columbia, and has a bunch of upcoming appearances scheduled in the Metro Vancouver area this month – check out her schedule.

Fred Penner

That loveable, hippy guy with the pet bird is still strumming away too. He’s also traveling around as a keynote speaker for a number of events and conferences. I wasn’t able to find any tour dates for Vancouver on his calendar, but his website says he would love to hear from his fans. Write him at fred@fredpenner.com, and you never know, maybe he’ll drop by.

Mr. Dressup

Did you know that the first episode of Mr. Dressup aired in 1967? Unfortunately the show ended in 1996, and the star, Ernie Coombs is longer with us. But Ernie left a lasting impression in the minds of children for more than 30 years. With a very own tickle trunk of my own, he certainly inspired me.


I love singing Baby Beluga to my little ones, and I was pleased to find out that Raffi is still singing about that little white whale on the go. Not only is he still plucking away on the guitar strings, but he’s also an author and member of a number of councils and institutes including the Institute for Children’s Environmental Health and Council of Human Development. Check out his upcoming tour dates.

Mr. Rogers

He was a puppeteer, songwriter, author and activist, but you probably remember Fred Rogers the most from his popular children’s TV show Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. Unfortunately he passed away in 2003 from stomach cancer. Loved by many, his death made the front page in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and they even erected a statue of him as a memorial.

Who was your favourite entertainer from childhood?

3 thoughts on “What happened to our favourite children’s entertainers?”

  • I grew up with all these people except Charlotte Diamond. I saw Mr. Dressup on TV once or twice. I was really young when Ernie Coombs and Fred Rogers died.

    • I grew up with them as well. I remember watching Mr. Dressup every day. It was so nice to have so many great children’s entertainers at that age. We have a few great ones now too 🙂 I plan to highlight a few on my blog!

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