Top 3 pumpkin patch tips for parents

Top 3 pumpkin patch tips for parents


October is pumpkin picking time. If you’re heading to the patch this weekend, here are three things you can do to create a great experience for you and your family.

  1. Pick the right patch: It’s not all about the pumpkin these days. Most families heading to the pumpkin patch are hoping for a fun family day out. If you’re looking for an experience, check out this article on the top Vancouver patches. Also, here’s a great article that includes patch pricing and maps for a dozen Metro Vancouver patches.
  2. Pack the right gear: Besides your typical haul of diapers, bottles and snacks, don’t forget these essential items:

Cash – not all patches have a debit/credit machine.

Rain boots – Pumpkins grow in dirt right? Here in Vancouver, the meteorologists are calling for an extremely rainy Thanksgiving weekend, so boots are a must-have.

A change of kid clothes – There’s nothing worse than having a little one fall down in the mud right out of the gate and having nothing to change them into.

Reusable grocery bags – These are a perfect fit to carry your pumpkins in. They are more durable than plastic grocery bags, easy to pack, and they help keep the dirt off your shirt.

Wheelbarrow/wagon – If your picking up a ton of pumpkins, consider bringing a wagon with you; not all patches will supply them.

3. Go early or go late: The Laity Pumpkin Patch in Maple Ridge is one of the most popular in Metro Vancouver. With hayrides, fairy trails and a barn full of cute animals, hundreds of families flock to the Laity farm each October. If you’re heading to a popular patch, it’s best to go early or towards the end of the day. Parking may be scarce or nonexistent mid-day on a Saturday or Sunday.

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