How old is too old to become a parent?

old hands

Touchy subject, I know. But when I heard that 66-year-old rock legend Billy Joel welcomed a daughter this past August, it made me wonder, how old is too old to become a parent?

As a senior-citizen daddy, is Joel concerned that he’ll be 84 when his daughter graduates? Or that he may not make it to her wedding?

Biologically, women in their mid-30s are constantly reminded of their biological clock ticking away. Often this reminder is in the form of an elbow nudge from a relative, friend, or even a nosey stranger. But with schooling, careers and financial debt getting in the way, women are having babies much later in life. This is not to say they’re waiting until their golden years, but some have.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the oldest woman to give birth by caesarean section was just seven days shy of her 67th birthday. The oldest man to father a child had his ninth child at the age of 92.

That being said, is there a moral responsibility to have your kids at a younger age to avoid risks and to ensure you’re around to care for them?

Since men don’t have a biological clock and can father children pretty much up until they kick the bucket, should there be a cap on their fathering age?

I feel like parents should try and stick around until their kids hit adulthood. Obviously circumstances and tragedies pop up where that’s not always an option, but I feel like children want to know their parents. They want to form that bond. I feel like I want to be able to give my children my all.

I’m not saying everyone should have kids in their twenties of course, but maybe if you are currently collecting your pension, you may want to reconsider having a baby.

What do you think? 

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