6 parent hacks to get you through the day

6 parent hacks to get you through the day

Hack #1: Diaper drawer

Since I’m changing two sets of diapers all day long,  I keep the clean diapers in the coffee table drawer for convenience. One drawer holds around 75 diapers, so I’m not always running up the stairs to grab more.


Hack #2: Sparkle pepper shaker

My daughter loves her sparkles, but let’s face it, toddlers are spillers.  Enter the sparkle pepper shaker. This limits the mess and makes the sparkles last a bit longer. Let’s just hope I don’t sprinkle them on my husband’s sandwich by mistake.


Hack #3: Cookie cutter sammies

My daughter is still warming up to these, but they are just too cute not to include. A cookie cutter can make lunchtime more fun for the little ones, and it can also be used for finger sandwiches for your next party.


Hack #4: Stroller hair clip

Keeping the little one out of the sun is always a challenge on walks. I use a breastfeeding curtain to keep Jack in the shade because I never know when I’m going to need it. To secure it, I use one or two hair clips.


Hack #5: Shoe hamper

I was always looking for Layla’s shoes until I decided to keep them in this decorative basket by the door. Not only do they have their own spot, but the basket reduces clutter, and I’m not breaking my ankle by tripping over them.


Hack #6: Garbage bags on the go

I keep these diaper genie diaper bags in my vehicle to clean up the garbage left behind. The fishy crackers, squisy packets, dirty diapers and wipes can add up quickly – especially on road trips. Once I use up the bags, I plan to replace them with used grocery bags. You can buy this same container at Walmart for $5.


Do you have parent hacks of your own? Share them here!

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