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pregnant I knew how to get pregnant; I mean everyone knows how to do that, but I was completely clueless about how to take care of myself after that. I was so green when it came to pregnancy that I didn’t even know I could buy prenatal vitamins over the counter. My doctor of 100 years told me that she “didn’t really do maternity care.” Probably for the best I thought. She was on the brink of retirement and I was also living in a new city. So where to go? I knew I didn’t want a midwife or doula. Knowing that it’s near impossible to find a new doctor taking patients in Metro Vancouver, especially maternity patients, I searched the internet and found the Ridge Meadows Maternity Clinic in the city I moved to – Maple Ridge. They didn’t have much of a website (and still don’t), so it was a shot in the dark, but I was not disappointed. Here are the pros about this place:

  • The staff is incredibly friendly and welcoming.
  • The clinic only cares for maternity patients so you know they know what they’re talking about.
  • There are a few family doctors that work at the clinic, so you can see the same one, or try a few others to find the right fit. Keep in mind though; your baby will be delivered by whoever is on call that day.
  • The doctors are knowledgeable and ensure you are prepared for each stage of your pregnancy.
  • Appointments are flexible
  • I was never waiting to see the doctor
  • The most incredible plus for me was that the doctor who delivered my baby offered to be our family doctor. It was a huge relief.


  • They don’t have more of these clinics in Metro Vancouver.

Find maternity care in Vancouver Even though it is hard to find maternity clinics, you may still be able to find maternity care in Vancouver. Check out the new and improved pregnancyvancouver.ca website. It features an interactive, searchable map of family doctors who offer maternity care, and a collection of information and resources for pregnant patients.

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