3 ways to help your child choose the right instrument

3 ways to help your child choose the right instrument


Flashback to Grade 7 music class. I’m in the front row with a few other girls holding on to our clunky clarinets. Next to us are a few other girls playing the flute. Behind us are the boys, blowing crazily into their saxophones, and at the very back, I see Keith Moon pounding away on the drums. I’m jealous.

Why did I pick the clarinet? Clearly we all thought it was a girly instrument, but the drums looked way more fun.

With school back in full swing, here are three things you can do to help your child choose the right instrument for music class.

1. Turn up the tunes
What type of music does your child like? Playing a variety of genres, as well as videos of different instruments could help narrow down what they are most interested in. Take advantage of your YouTube app, or better yet, crank up your tunes during the day.

2. Try them out
Once your child has a list of instruments of interest, take it to a local music store like Long & McQuade. They have plenty of instruments on hand to try, and they also offer a School Band rental program.

You could also take a trip to the Experience Music Project museum in Seattle. Not only will your child receive a rock ‘n’ roll experience like no other, but there are also soundproof rooms available to try out a variety of instruments, which they supply.

3. Share your experiences
For example, I plan to tell my kids that the only reason I chose clarinet was because all the other girls were playing them. Maybe if I had a chance to pluck away on a piccolo, I’d still be playing that instrument today. Probably not though.

Once your child has picked their instrument, encourage them to play, and don’t forget to drop by the hardware store for some earplugs. 😉

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