5 things Dads are better at

5 things Dads are better at

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Two months ago I was nine months pregnant and my daughter Layla was settling nicely into her new role as toddler and dictator of the family. Because my body resembled that of the Michelin Man’s, I was forced to sit on the bench as my husband Shawn wrestled and tossed Layla in the air, filling our house with her uncontrollable and rather addictive giggles. I couldn’t help feel a tad jealous, but mostly grateful for his energy and strength. Even if I wasn’t the size of a Zeppelin, my wrestling moves just wouldn’t compare to Daddy’s.

Here are five more things I feel are better with a Dad’s touch.

1. All things creepy crawly


I’m all for fishing. In fact, some people (mostly me) might say that I out-fish my husband, but when it comes to putting the worm on the hook or whacking a fish, that’s a big nope. I’m not a wuss, I just don’t like getting my hands dirty. So hats off to all you spider squashing, frog hunting, worm wrangling Dads out there.

2. Tiny tea parties


There is nothing cuter in this world than a Dad sitting down to share a cup of invisible tea with his daughter. Especially those that proudly sport princess pink nail polish and a feather boa while doing it.

3. The needle and the damage done  (a.k.a doctor visits)


No Mom wants to see her baby cry. So when it comes to doctor visits, it’s better to send in Dad armed with his goofy faces and fart noises to pick up the pieces (even though we know he’s secretly crying on the inside).

4. Troubleshooting toys


One of Layla’s annoying electronic toys we bought secondhand wasn’t working properly. Shawn noticed that one of the batteries left in it had corroded. It wasn’t as simple as just replacing the battery, as he explained to me in his long-winded and sometimes pictionary way. He had some rewiring to do as well. Without these dynamic and determined Daddies, our children would end up hoop rolling.

5. Taking a timeout


Moms often find it hard to leave their wee ones behind for a night out or much needed vacation. Dads on the other hand, are the first ones in the car. Even though they love their kids, they know the benefits of having a little adult fun.

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