Today we celebrate vinyl records

Today we celebrate vinyl records


Drop the needle and turn the volume waaaay up. Today is Vinyl Record Day, and all us junkies are celebrating the big, black disc in all its groovy glory.

Many people collect records for many different reasons. For me, they are a reminder of the great classic rock tunes that blared from my parents’ stereo during parties and on family road trips. Songs full of meaning and passion. Songs with guitar solos that bend the mind. I can’t get enough.

Most of my collection is built from the generous donations of others, some of which were happy to free up space in their closet, and others who shed a tear as I took their albums to a new home. I love these records the most because as they exchanged hands, I was able to hear the personal stories behind picking and playing them, and witness their owner ascend into a cloud of nostalgia – a feeling I can relate to.

Every time I walk by my record room, the smell of the old cardboard sleeves sets my soul on fire. I’m just thankful I now have two little rock stars to blare my stereo for.

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