Raising two under two

Raising two under two

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I’m back blogging after a few weeks off to adjust to my new way of life. Since welcoming our son Jack on June 13, I’ve had a lot of people ask how I find balancing the two kids, and everything else for that matter. I’m not going to lie, there are times where the only solitude I find during the day is the odd bathroom break, but there are also peaceful days filled with many giggles.

Here’s a few answers to some of the questions I’ve been asked:

Q: Is Layla jealous of Jack?

A: Not at all. If anything, she gives him way too many kisses. She sees our faces light up when she shows Jack affection and plays off of it. She loves to please us – for now.

She’s a wobbly, uncoordinated toddler, so it’s frightening to watch her hover over him, and I try my best not to push her away. Instead, I encourage her to be my helper by bringing me his diapers. So far it’s working out.

Q: Are you changing diapers all day long now?

A: Yes, but that’s nothing new, there’s just a lot more. I don’t mind changing them, it’s the cost that bothers me. Yes, insert the horrified gasping sound here. I use disposable diapers. We’re hoping to start Layla on the potty very soon, but for now, we’re up to our elbows in … well, you get the picture.

Q: How do you get anything done?

A: For myself? I don’t. Well, not until they’re napping or asleep for the night. I’m lucky to have a fantastic husband that supports me and helps out any way that he can. And I am cleaning all day long. Everywhere I go I’m putting things away or at least moving them into the rooms they belong in. They’ll probably sit in a pile for two months, but hey, small steps. I still manage to have a shower and put on my makeup in the morning, I’m just creative in how I handle Layla (thank god infants sleep a lot). Sometimes I’ll throw her in the empty bathtub with her toys and I can watch her from the standup shower. The trick is to be fast.

Q: How is it now that you have two?

A: Everything has doubled. The joy, the laughter, the laundry loads, the garbage and the mess. You want to know how insane I was pre-babies? I actually said the words “I don’t want to be one of those parents that has a bunch of plastic toys all over the living room floor.” Uh yeah…


This photo may look staged, but it’s not. It’s actually a clean mess, if that makes any sense at all.

Jack already seems like a completely different baby than Layla was, and although he’s brought a ton of happiness into our lives, he has inadvertently caused a little bit of sadness too. He reminds me how fast time goes by, and that my little Layla is no longer my little anymore.

Now when I change Layla’s diapers I think whoa, since when did she start wearing Depends? I remember wanting to cry when she grew out of her newborn size. And when I carry her up the stairs, I find myself using both arms to hold her.

I also now feel guilty if I am spending more time with one over the other. It’s extremely difficult and draining to split your energy and time between two under two, a husband and a pony-sized black lab. It’s also fulfilling.

As chaotic and insane as these days are right now, I know these years will fly by. One day my children will be grown and I’ll find myself staring off into space remembering all this craziness. So for now, I’m soaking in every minute of it, good or bad.

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