A man worth bragging about

Shawn2I haven’t written a lot about my husband Shawn on this blog yet. Maybe because I know when it comes to sharing his personal life or photos on social media/web, he’s slightly reluctant. But I’m just kidding myself. I know the real reason is just an extension of this guilt I carry around for not saying enough about what a great husband and father he is. Maybe it’s out of laziness, maybe it’s an attempt to be humble, or maybe I’m trying to spare my single friends’ feelings. Who knows. The point is that he deserves recognition.

For instance, as I’m typing this, he brings two glasses of water into the room. One for myself and one for him. As I reach for one, he says “no, not that one. It’s tap water.” And then he hands me the cold, filtered water instead.

It’s not just the water and the fact that he puts everyone ahead of himself. He is the reason our family laughs every day. The reason we have such a nice home. The reason we are so happy.

Shawn1Our son Jack was born just a week ago (more on that in a later post), and while the attention swirled around him and myself, it reminded me that the work new Dads and partners do when it comes to a new baby is often overlooked. They are the ones that carry the heavy car seats and strollers for us, quiet our toddlers when we’re looking after the new baby, grab the groceries (and sometimes embarrassing feminine products), help us with dinner – the list goes on. At least in Shawn’s case it does. It’s endless. And for this I am grateful that he is such a huge part of my life, and thankful that I found love at the young age of 19. John Lennon was right. It’s all you need.

Happy Father’s Day Shawn – and to all the Dads out there that rock.

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