Am I crazy to keep my baby covered up?

IMG_3491There’s no denying it, baby bums are cute. But am I a horrible mom for wanting to keep my baby’s covered up?

It was surprisingly hot this past weekend and while we sat on our front porch staring at the fence we just built (yeah super exciting at the Robertson household these days), I was reminded of a conversation I had with another mom in our neighbourhood last summer.

Layla was itching to play in their kiddie pool, and not wanting to go back to the house to get her swimsuit, I just whipped off her diaper and kept her onsie on. The mom, whose one kid was running around in the buff, made a remark to me about not wanting Layla to be naked in front of others. To be quite honest, my first concern was actually the hot sun beaming down on her, but she was also right. I thought about it later and I realized I was uncomfortable setting Layla free to streak about the neighbourhood – but why?

I don’t think my neighbours are creepos, and it’s not anything we all haven’t seen before. I’ve really struggled with finding an answer as to why it’s any sort of deal for me. My inner hippie screams Why not! Kids should be free to fling their diapers in the air and feel the breeze between their knees. I guess I just feel like some things should remain private, no matter what age. Maybe I don’t need a reason.

A little while ago I asked my husband how he felt, and he said that it didn’t really bother him. That surprised me considering he labels himself “old school” when it comes to all things daddies and daughters. Last night, I mentioned I was writing this post and asked him again how he felt. Now he feels that it’s fine for her to run around naked on the beach but not in the neighbourhood. When I pressed him further, he chalked it up to sanitary reasons. Completely confused, I gave up.

Maybe there is no clear cut reason as to why I feel she shouldn’t run around in the buff, and who knows, maybe I’ll change my mind this summer.

What do you think? Is it okay to turn my child into a never nude?

4 thoughts on “Am I crazy to keep my baby covered up?

  1. Tanya Saunders says:

    I agree with you Angela. Not sure why but I feel they should have there little bums covered up. I’m just not comfortable with little ones running around naked outside. Maybe I am old school, don’t really know.


    • Angela says:

      Hey Tanya, yeah I don’t have a problem if other parents have their kids run around naked, it’s totally their choice, but maybe I just feel like Layla should have say (even though she probably doesn’t care). Maybe I am old school too!



  2. elizabethlacasse says:

    i totally hear you! i don’t care if other people let their kids do it, but i really have a hard time letting my little guy be naked in the great outdoors. i think its because its hard enough to get him to keep his clothes on when we’re home, i have to draw the line somewhere :p
    Just discovered your blog and I’m loving it!


    • Angela says:

      Thanks Elizabeth, glad you like the blog. It’s fun having them run around naked, but it certainly can be a chore. I just bought Layla a new bathing suit, which I find to be just as cute as her naked baby bum 😉


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