5 must have apps for parents

Since becoming a parent, my iphone’s camera has endured a workout like none other. I have a problem letting go. I know, I know, I can back up my photos on the computer and then delete them, which I do. But before I know it, I’ve snapped myself back into data overload.

To create as much space as possible, (until they come out with a 100 GB phone) I’ve become very selective of the apps I keep. Here are five that I’ve deemed Megabyte worthy.

Device: iphone & Android
Cost: Free
Space: 43 MB
Why I love it: When I was halfway through my maternity leave and started to feel the living room walls closing in, I used this app to socialize with other new moms at cheap, local events. It’s not just for finding kid-friendly events either, with hundreds of interest groups, you’ll develop a full calendar of interesting outings in no time.

You may also want to check out JellyBeen, a new app created by moms for moms. You can find great places to eat, play, and shop with your kids. It’s only available for Vancouver and Toronto parents right now, but this little app will be expanding soon.

Device: iphonebidwars
Cost: Free
Space: 1.8 MB
Why I love it: This is the perfect place to sell your old baby crap… er, I mean mementos. If you’re looking to score a bit of extra cash without a lot of hassle, this is an app for you. And you don’t have to just sell baby stuff either, most anything that’s cluttering up your house is acceptable. You can also find great local deals close to home.

Unfortunately this app only covers the Metro Vancouver and Kelowna areas of British Columbia Canada, but if you’re interested in opening a group in your area, you can start a vote at www.bidwars.net.

Device: iphone & Android
Cost: Free
Space: 31 MB
Why I love it: It’s a great music app that offers a massive variety for any mood or occasion. Want to chill out on the front lawn with some sunny summertime tunes? Bam. Want to dance with your kiddies to some Sesame Street classics (I mean, who doesn’t?) Bam. This app covers it all and you can also create your own playlists.

Those Days:thosedays
Device: iphone
Cost: $2.29
Space: 4.6 MB
Why I love it: This app arranges your photos and events in chronological order and displays them on your monthly calendar. With the mass of photos I’ve accumulated on my camera roll, I would never be able to remember exactly how old my daughter was at the time the photo was taken without this app. It has also become a handy reference when updating her baby book after falling behind for months.

Device: iphone, Android & Kindle
Cost: Basic is free
Space: 20.2 MB
Why I love it: This is a fantastic way to organize your child’s artwork, and we all know they create a lot! But it’s more than an organizer. You can add video and audio of your child explaining their masterpieces, turn their creations into gifts, create artistic timelines and best of all, it can all be shared easily with family and friends.

So there you have it. If you have any apps you really love, I would love to hear about them!

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