10 ways toddlers and rock stars are the same

As a parent, I often feel like I’m a roadie touring around with of a very successful rock star. A rock star who dictates both of our schedules, and whom I’ve had to wash vomit out of their hair on multiple occasions.

rockstar10 ways toddlers and rock stars are the same

  • They’re always sleeping one off in random places (usually hanging off the couch half naked).
  • No one questions if they’re covered in vomit and pee.
  • They have suspiciously runny noses all the time.
  • They always crash after polishing off a bottle.
  • Being loud, obnoxious and throwing hissy fits (even at a funeral) is expected.
  • They can completely trash a room in minutes.
  • It’s considered the norm to show up “fashionably” late after changing into multiple outfits.
  • They’re constantly surrounded by people telling them how special they are.
  • Wearing a tutu, leather jacket and leg warmers is completely acceptable for any occasion.
  • They see more breasts in one day than a mammogram machine.

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