Create a quick and cheap playroom: a photo guide

Create a quick and cheap playroom: a photo guide

They say that all parents make sacrifices. Well, I’ve made the ultimate sacrifice. I gave up half of my record room for Layla to have some space to play.

Okay, it really wasn’t that big of a deal.

The best part? It didn’t take a lot of effort, and it didn’t put us in financial ruin either. Hopefully now we won’t feel like our living room is closing in on us.

Here’s a quick and dirty photo guide on the transformation.

The before:


See that desk there? That was put there for me to write the next Best Seller on. Instead, we’ve been using it as a purgatory station for our bills travelling from the kitchen counter to our filing cabinet in the basement. Oh, and the Keith Richards picture above the records we’ve since throw in our bedroom as it might be a tad on the creepy side for children. Maybe it will keep them out of our room.

We gutted the room, all except for my records of course. Those are staying for now as Layla loves to rock out to them.


Floor mats bought at The Real Canadian Superstore (4 pack = $12).
We thought about putting down a big rug but thought better as they are typically expensive and stain easily. Other places you can buy connecting foam mats:
Walmart (4 pack/$12)
Babies R Us (36 pcs/$40)
Amazon (24 pcs/$16)


Chalkboard from Staples $22
This is a great alternative to an art easel because it takes up less space and it’s not as messy.


Toy storage from IKEA $100 (for us it was a free gift)
Storage is a must for any playroom, and there are a ton of options out there. We went with a more expensive option (paid for by grandma – thank you) because we wanted something sturdy that could be anchored to the wall. Kids love to climb, and we certainly didn’t want a wall of toys to come crashing down. Some things to consider when looking at storage bins:
• Plastic vs. wood
• Toy box vs. toy organizer: I feel like the organizer is the better way to go because you can teach your kids organization and sorting skills, and it also makes it easier to find specific toys.


Table and chair set from IKEA $29
A great place for a snack or to draw some pictures.



You can also add play tents & tunnels. These are inexpensive and most fold up so you can take them on the go.

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