How to make vinyl record bowls

IMG_5488Over the years I’ve had a few generous friends reluctantly surrender their record collections to me. About 90 per cent of these records hit the needle, but I always seem to find a few polka albums, or some that are too scratched to be played in each collection. Not wanting to throw them away, I started to search for ways I could repurpose them. Bingo! Why not make record bowls?

If you search online you’ll find a number of ways you can make these, but the following I find to be the most simplistic way.

1. Boil a BIG pot of water


2. Submerge the record in the boiling water for 20-30 seconds. Try not to submerge the label.IMG_5485

3. Mold the edge into a funky shape using a dishrag. Repeat for each side of the record.


4. Done! These make great planter pots, or you can use them to store toys in.

P.S No Rolling Stones records were harmed in the making of these bowls.



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