The lonely carrot

carrotYum! Lunchtime at work. You may be wondering why I packed this lonely carrot. Or maybe as a working parent, this sad, lonely carrot is a haunting reminder of the lunches you’ve once packed on the fly.

Not to worry. It wasn’t the only thing I packed for my lunch today. With the two minutes I had left after throwing together everyone else’s lunch in the morning, I also managed to give myself a half pack of soda crackers, three random slices of cheese leftover from last night’s pathetic snack platter dinner and a cheese sandwich, which is exactly how it sounds – bun, cheese, oh and a little mayo to spice things up. I know what you’re thinking, that’s a ton of cheese. I didn’t realize at the time that I was packing a fondue’s worth until I pulled into work and looked in my bag.

When I was getting out of my car, I had thoughts of my co-workers finding out what I had for lunch and offering me a bite of their homemade lemon basil chicken salad.

Anyways, back to the lonely carrot. The reason I packed this particular item was three-fold.

    1. I was cutting carrots into matchsticks for my picky daughter’s lunch and had peeled one too many.
    2. Not wanting to throw the carrot back in the bag with the other unpeeled carrots, or waste it by throwing it out, I threw it in my purse, glad to add to my so called lunch.
    3. I obviously needed to add some kind of vegetable  to balance out the dairy.

So here I am with my lonely carrot for lunch, promising myself that I will do the impossible and make my lunch before bed tonight, although I know there is a very good chance I’ll watch the Walking Dead, become too exhausted, and promise myself that I’ll get up extra early in the morning to make a better lunch. The vicious cycle.

So parent or not, what pathetic lunches have you packed for yourself on the fly? Please tell me that I’m not the only one packing lonely carrots.

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