Don McLean sells a piece of the pie for 1.2 million


Photo: Reuters/Brendan McDermid The original manuscript for Don McLean’s “American Pie” at Christie’s auction house in New York.

Don McLean’s eight and a half minute opus “American Pie” will forever have a place as one of classic rock’s most iconic songs. And up until now, it has also been one of the most mysterious, with many people attempting to deconstruct the meaning behind the lyrics.

The original 16-page working manuscript of his lyrics recently sold at auction for $1.2 million, and it is said that the lucky bidder now holds a clue to the meaning behind those lyrics in their hand, or safe presumably.

I’ve listened to this song many times over the years and I have to admit, I never read that much into the lyrics. I always pictured a small American town, and it gave me the impression of the typical things people would reminisce about when they got older. That things would never be the same as they were in the good old days – music included. Although, I know the reference to the music dying is because of the tragic death of Buddy Holly, which the song is based on. Even McLean admits that the lyrics were meant to be ambiguous and that the song had to do with the state of society at the time.

Anyways, that’s a crazy penny to pay for the manuscript, unless you compare it with this other rock memorabilia sold at auction.

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