Did my kid just say F*@#?!

IMG_3540My 16-month-old Layla is helping me unload the dishwasher. By helping, I mean she’s taking the clean Tupperware from the dishwasher into the living room and stacking it on the carpet next to our dog Hendrix, who is rolling around on his back. Little black hairs are springing from his body in a cloud similar to Pig Pen’s dust cloud from the Peanuts cartoon, and coating the slightly still wet Tupperware. I turn my back to put some bowls away and I hear Layla’s tower crash, followed by a familiar sounding F-word.

Did that just happen? Did she actually say the F-word? I start to rack my brain. When was the last time I said F*@#? Could she have learned that from me? Whether or not she actually said it remains a mystery because she hasn’t said it since, but that moment was a huge reality check for me.

I have to admit that I’m not the most cautious person when it comes to using profanity. I’m an exaggerator and I find the two go hand in hand nicely when trying to emphasize a point. And for my generation, it was just woven into our every day conversations growing up. I’m not using these as excuses, but more of an unofficial inventory in my head of how this might have happened.

While it’s hard not to giggle when you hear a toddler drop an F-bomb, I’ve learned that this could lead to bigger consequences than just a time out. Well, at least for the parents.

Last year, controversy swirled around a toddler in a ‘thug’ video that ended up in child protective custody after the video was uploaded. You can watch the video here, but I must warn you that it is very explicit and may disturb some people. It certainly disturbed me.

While this is an extreme case, and most of the swearing kid videos out there are lighthearted and perhaps just an innocent and surprising moment caught on video, I am hoping to avoid the former. I’ll be checking myself in the car, while I’m on the phone with those old school friends, and even while I’m hunched over cradling the toe I just stubbed on the corner of the dresser. How about you?

Does anyone have a funny swearing story to share?

5 thoughts on “Did my kid just say F*@#?!

  1. Anonymous says:

    This story of the F-word reminded me of my neighbors son about 20 years ago. I was out gardening in the front of my house and along comes Bryce ( about 2 years old). He asks what I am doing and can he help. I proceed to tell him we are pulling weeds and show him which ones to pull. As I am working away he is beside me trying so hard to pull out the weeds and all of a sudden I here him say “get out of there you stupid F-ing weed”. Trying not to laugh I said maybe we should say ” get out of there you darn weed”, he agreed and carried on pulling weeds. You just never know when the F-word is going to rear it’s ugly head.


    • Angela says:

      That is hilarious. It’s funny, the times they decide to test the waters with those words. I wonder if they know what they’re saying is bad. I guess not if they are mimicking Mommy and Daddy!


  2. Tanya Saunders says:

    Kids say the funniest things. I was looking after my Granddaughter a few years ago, she was about 3 yrs old. She had been misbehaving so I told her to go and stand in the corner until she could behave nicely. As she is walking away from me I here her say ” it’s not fair, I’m not a pair of shoes you know”. Well I had to walk the other way so she couldn’t see me laughing, but I will always remember that one.


    • Angela says:

      I honestly can’t wait for all of those comments to come, although I know they will probably be when I’m standing in line at the grocery store with a million people listening in.


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