Marilyn Manson’s Dad dons makeup for Paper Magazine pic

Marilyn-Manson-6-683x1024Shock rocker Marilyn Manson has appeared in a plethora of magazines over the span of his career, but few photos have created as much buzz as the photos he took with his Dad for the March issue of Paper Magazine.

In the issue (available now), Manson poses stoically next to his father Hugh Warner, who is decked out in black and sporting his son’s trademark stage makeup.

I guess if you’ve never been a fan of Manson, it would be easy to have assumed that given his extremely controversial demeanor, that he must have had a hard life growing up. That maybe his parents abused or abandoned him. But in reality, it’s quite the opposite. His parents have actively supported his career.

In his 1998 autobiography The Long Hard Road Out of Hell, Manson mentions that the strangest thing about his upbringing was that he had parents that were still married and that they cared about him. In fact, he continuously brags about is his parents’ unwavering pride in his success. And if anything, his father’s support has only strengthened since the passing of his mother in 2014.

I find his parent’s backing inspiring and familiar. In high school, I too landed in the outcast circle of Goth rockers, sporting long black everything, fishnet stockings, a lunchbox and of course Marilyn Manson T-shirts. The familiarity comes from the support of my parents. Although I knew they didn’t necessary like the way I dressed, or the rock posters on my bedroom wall, or the Barbies I hung from my ceiling (trust me, it wasn’t as bad as it sounds), they didn’t hinder my creativity or ban me from concerts. They knew the music was important to me, to finding myself. I’ve since kept all of my old shirts, fishnets and pleather pants in a trunk, which is actually in my daughter’s bedroom. I guess I’m half expecting my kids to be interested in what I was like back then. But I want to let them know that it’s okay to be different, to challenge the norm, and most importantly, that I will support them no matter who they grow up to be.

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