Top 10 crazy rock legend baby names

For some, picking a name for your baby can be difficult. But for some famous rock legends, it’s an opportunity to further promote their uniqueness. Here’s my Top 10 list of the craziest and most unique rock legend baby names.

1. Little Pixie Geldof – daughter of Bob Geldof.3260718

I know what you’re thinking, and not to worry, Little Pixie has all the help she needs defending off those schoolyard bullies: her sisters, Fifi Trixibell and Peaches Honeyblossom.

2. Zowie Bowie – son of singer David Bowie.

No surprise that Zowie later changed his name to Duncan Jones. He’s lucky he didn’t end up with Ziggy Zowie Bowie Stardust, because let’s be honest, that just won’t fit on his driver’s licence.

3. Diva “muffin” Zappa – daughter of Frank Zappa.

Not a bad choice if you’re child goes to the same school as Little Pixie, but just to be safe, Diva will be bringing her sibling backup as well: Moon Unit, Dweezil and Ahmet.

4. Calico Cooper – daughter of shock rocker Alice Cooper.

Named after a type of cat. Better than Cougar or Panther I suppose.

5. China Wing – daughter to singer Grace Slick and former Jefferson Airplane guitarist Paul Kanter.

This name is awfully close to chicken wing, no? Geographical locations are not that unique, but when you throw in chicken anatomy, you can easily deduce that the LSD did in fact have long-term effects.

6. Samuel Joseph Hurricane Stewart – son to Dave Stewart & Siobhan Fahey.

If you didn’t catch that, a hurricane touched down in the middle of that name.

7. Speck Wildhorse son to John Mellencamp.

I feel like we need a middle name here. Speck of what…

8. Rocco Winchester Nugent – son to Ted Nugent.

No surprises here from this avid hunter and extreme gun enthusiast. I guess it’s better than calling him Clay Pigeon Desert Eagle.

9. Zuma Nesta Rock – son of Gewn Stefani and Gavin Rossdale.

An example of when you put too much meaning and creativity into a name that you ignore the fact that you’re actually naming a child and not a planet. Whatever happened to good ol’ Gary?

10. Sabbath, son of Zakk Wylde, ex-Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Zakk Wylde

At first I thought it was just so Zakk could remember what band he was in, but then I found out he also has a son named Hendrix. No need to pull out the big book of baby names when you can just turn the radio on.

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